Annotated Bibliography and Source Evaluation

Overview: This is a two part assignment, incorporated into one. Within your annotated bibliography, you will choose three websites and evaluate them more thoroughly than the other entries. See specifics below.

Annotated bibliographies help you determine whether you’ve taken on a topic that is too narrow, too broad, or uninteresting.

To complete this assignment, you will read at least fifteen sources on your issue. Then, choose at least ten of these sources to annotate. List each entry in alphabetical order according to APA reference list guidelines. Evaluate three of the websites according to evaluative criteria.

Requirements: There is no required length for the bibliography, but it will most likely range from 1,000–2,000 words (100–200 words per entry). In it, you should

List each source using APA guidelines;

Follow each citation with three to five sentences summarizing the writer’s purpose and outlining the main points of his or her argument;

In order to show a variety of sources, make sure that among the fifteen item bibliography you include at least one of each of the following types of sources:

bullet An academic article, whether from a printed journal or from the Internet
bullet An academic book, whether monograph or collection of essays
bullet Statistics or other factoids
bullet An article from the popular press, whether from a printed source, the Internet, or the media
bullet A newspaper article from a national newspaper
bullet An interview with someone knowledgeable in the field, whether personal, telephone, or e-mail
bullet Other sources could include lectures, television programs, movies, brochures, maps, surveys, questionnaires, etc.

Evaluating Sources

See Chapter 9 in the Bedford Researcher. Evaluate three of the websites in your annotated bibliography following the guidelines in the tutorial on page 130.

For more help on creating annotated bibliographies, you can consult the tutorials on The following tutorials are particularly useful:

Chapter 4: How can I write annotations for an annotated bibliography?

Chapter 9: How do I evaluate a Web site?

Chapter 10: How do I paraphrase a source?

There are many sites discussing evaluating sources here:

You can also use the following guides:

How to Evaluate a Source

How to Create a Works Cited or References List

This assignment is worth 5% of your final grade and will be evaluated for

1.     thoroughness and completeness of assignment (annotation, bibliography and source evaluation),

2.     proper APA citation style and order, and

3.     language mechanics.