MSCD English 1010 077 CRN: 52135 

Freshman Composition: The Essay

Fall 2005 


Instructor:   Traci HalesVass

Office:       Location: King Center 409

Hours:    Mondays and Wednesdays, 1:00-2:00

Phone:    messages: 571-232-5805

          during office hours: 303-342-4116


Course Description:

     English 1010 is a course in the process of writing and revising shorter, college-level essays that reflect critical thinking and thoughtful rhetorical choices. Classes include lecture, discussion, workshop, and conference methods. By the close of the semester, students will demonstrate their ability to generate, organize, and present writing for the appropriate audience. 


     A passing score on the Writing Placement Exam or a “C” or better in CCD’s ENG 090 course is required to take this course. Students with an ACT ENG score of 18 or higher or a SAT verbal score of 450 or higher are exempt from the placement exam. 

Required Reading Materials:

Axelrod & Cooper. Reading Critically, Writing Well. 7th ed. Bedford/St. Martin’s, 2002. 

Course Requirements and Expectations:

bullet Be active online (see requirements below)
bullet Read the assigned reading. We will write responses to the reading.
bullet Participate by interacting in the discussion board with each other.

Four Essays

1.     Autobiography, 2-3 pages (minimum 500 words)

2.     Observation, 3-4 pages (minimum 750 words)

3.     Explaining Concepts, 5-6 pages (minimum 1250 words)

4.     Position Paper, 3-4 pages (minimum 750 words)

The details and specific expectations of each essay will be posted online. 


To achieve a C:

·        Attend class regularly.

·        Participate in class discussions and activities.

·        Take an active role in workshopping.

·        Earn at least a C on all written work.

·        Turn in assignments on time.

To achieve a B:

·        Accomplish the C standards.

·        Exhibit a sense of engagement and interest.

·        Go beyond simply digesting and regurgitating the issues and concepts.

To achieve an A:

·        Accomplish the B standards.

·        Synthesize the issues and concepts and give them your own spin.

·        Do the work, struggle with the material, and come out with original, thoughtful, interesting, engaging, and unique responses.

·        Include yourself consistently and identifiably in the critical conversation.

·        Excel at workshopping with your peers, giving many helpful, clear suggestions.



Points possible

Essays 1, 2, and 4: @ 150 points


Concept Paper


Discussion board writing total




Other Assignments




 900-1000 = A

800 -899 = B

750 -799 = C

under 749 = F

Policies and Procedures:

 Discussion Postings = Attendance

 Attendance is vital to this class. Attendance in this online course equals your participation in the discussion board. You will be required to post a minimum of three relevant, substantive, and thoughtful entries a week to the threaded discussion. (The entries in the threaded discussion will never be "graded" for grammatical concerns. Just "talk" naturally in this area.)

 Your participation in the discussions constitutes 100 points of your final grade, or 10%. Slacking in this area could cause a failure in the class.

 The threaded discussion is your classroom. This is where we meet and get to know each other, workshop our papers, discuss our projects, and ask questions. It is important to check the discussion boards as often as possible, at least three times a week, as the information here is updated often (sometimes more than once a day).  

Late Assignments:

     Assignments are due at 6 AM on the day indicated. Late assignments will not be accepted. No exceptions.


  I am happy to answer your emails. I cannot promise immediate responses. Don’t hesitate to email me questions or discuss problems related to your course work. Do not ask me to preview your work; this takes time away from other students. To expedite the process of online communication, please follow these suggestions:

 1.     Have an easy-to-recognize email address. I tend to receive much spam, but communications from recognizable return addresses will not inadvertently get deleted.

2.     Fill in the subject line with your course number. I teach several courses. If you include this info in your subject line, I will not have to spend time deciphering which course you are in.

3.     Please tell me who you are by putting your name in the body of the email.

4.     Do not put me on any of your mailing lists, joke lists, cute story lists, or other mass communication. I receive great volumes of email and prefer to restrict my email to business.


Any student eligible for and needing academic adjustments or accommodations because of a disability should speak with me during the first week of class.


If you need to miss class for a religious holiday observance, please notify me in writing during the first two weeks of class.


The Student Handbook of MSCD says:

The term ‘plagiarism’ includes, but is not limited to, the use by paraphrase or direct quotations, or the published or unpublished work of another person without full and clear acknowledgment. It also includes the unacknowledged use of materials prepared by another person or agency that may or may not be engaged in selling of term papers or other academic materials (pp 83-84).

Important Dates
Last day to drop with 100% refund     August 28, 2004

Labor Day Holiday (no classes)        September 5, 2004

Last day to drop and have it deleted

     from academic records             September 7, 2004

Last day to withdraw without faculty

     signature                         September 16, 2004

Last day to withdraw WITH faculty

     signature                         October 28, 2004

Fall Break                            November 21-27

Final Exam week                       December 12-17

Grades available to students          December 23, 2004

Course courtesies

1.     Please turn your assignments in on time. Trying to turn them in late makes for an ugly scene when I tell you, in no uncertain terms, I won’t accept them.

2.     Please do not ask for special deals or alterations of the assignments and due dates.

3.     Please be courteous of your classmates in your workshopping groups. Handle conflicts between you. Please don’t tattle tale to me.

4.     Please do the assigned reading. We will be discussing it in class.

5.     Please do not email and ask what we did and what was assigned if you do miss class. Post your questions in the discussion board.