Reader Response Guide

Write out a response to your partner’s paper using the following guide. 


  1. What is my total reaction to this article?  Do I find it illuminating?  Interesting? Informative?  What did I learn from this article?

  2. What is strong and effective about this argument?

  3. What would be the audience’s overall reaction to the article? What actions would they take after reading this article?


  1. How does the author appeal to his or her audience's sympathy, empathy, emotions (pathos)?

  2. How does the author appeal to his or her audience's ethics (ethos)? How does he or she show his or her credibility?

  3. Where does the author use logistical appeals (logos)?

  4. What common ground does the author strive for?


  1. What is the writer’s claim?  Sum this up in our own words.


    What sections support the claim?


    What sections are unrelated to the claim?


    How can the writer relate these sections to the claim?

  2. What is the warrant the author is relating to?

  3. Is the author acknowledging the rebuttals (the other sides' arguments)?

Development for Audience

  1. Is there enough support from sources for each of the points?

  2. What sections are well supported and documented?

  3. What sections need more development?

  4. Has the writer relied more on paraphrasing rather than quotations?

  5. Are both properly acknowledged in the text?


  1. What organizing mode had the writer used for the large sections of the argument?

  2. What sections break the order?  What can be done to remedy this problem?

  3. Has the writer used clear transitions between paragraphs and between sections? within paragraphs? 

  4. If not, where is the problem?

  5. Is the writer consistent with person, number, and tense?


  1. Does the language work to inform the reader?

  2. Is the language appropriate for the audience?


  1. Has the writer used the conventions of standard American English – grammar, spelling, and punctuation?

  2. Has the writer accurately used APA style of documentation in citations and list of references?