MSCD English 1020 19

Summer 2006

English Composition II:
Analysis, Research, and Documentation 

CRN: 40472 online

Instructor:   Traci HalesVass

Office:       Online only

              Phone:  571-232-5805  messages


Course Description:

English 1020 is a course in the process of writing extended essays supported by research. The course includes an introduction to library use, research techniques, and conventions of documentation as well as practice in critical reading, thinking, and writing across the disciplines. Students can expect to do a series of shorter writing assignments leading to the longer, documented paper.


English 1010 or its documented equivalent

Required Materials:

Palmquist, M. (2006). The Bedford Researcher 2nd Ed. Boston: Bedford/St. Martinís.

Policies and Procedures:


Attendance is vital to this class, both for online students and face-to-face students.

Online: Your participation in the discussion board constitutes your attendance. In order to receive the full 100 points, you must post a minimum of three thoughtful, substantial, and relevant entries every week. There are prompts for you to respond to. I expect conversational entries between classmates, not isolated responses to prompts.

Late Assignments:

Deadlines for assignments will be posted on the course schedule and in the assignment description. It is important to look ahead for the due dates. You will be expected to turn in your assignments on or before the deadlines.

No late assignments will be accepted. No late assignments will be accepted. No late assignments will be accepted. Donít even ask.


My email addresses are or This is the best way to contact me. I am happy to answer your emails. I cannot promise immediate responses. Donít hesitate to email me questions or discuss problems related to your course work. Do not ask me to preview your work; this takes time away from other students. To expedite the process of online communication, please follow these suggestions:

1.     Have an easy-to-recognize email address. I tend to receive much spam, but communications from recognizable return addresses will not inadvertently get deleted.

2.     Fill in the subject line with your course number. I teach several courses. If you include this info in your subject line, I will not have to spend time deciphering which course you are in.

3.     Please tell me who you are by putting your name in the body of the email.

4.     Do not put me on any of your mailing lists, joke lists, cute story lists, or other mass communication. I receive great volumes of email and prefer to restrict my email to business.

Course requirements and grading:


Possible points

Publication analysis


Formal Topic proposal


Source Eval & Annotated Bibliography


Synthesis and SPQ


Final Essay: Researched Argument







Course courtesies

1.     Please turn your assignments in on time. Trying to turn them in late makes for an ugly scene when I tell you, in no uncertain terms, I wonít accept them.

2.     Please do not ask for special deals or alterations of the assignments and due dates.

3.     Please be courteous of your classmates in your workshopping groups. Handle conflicts between you. Please donít tattle tale to me.

4.     Please do the assigned reading. We will be discussing it in the discussion board.

5.     Please do not email and ask what we did and what was assigned if you do miss class until after you have checked the course schedule and asked classmates.

7.     Please participate in class discussions. If you donít, I will have to call on you and put you on the spot. If youíre not awake, youíre asleep, and if youíre asleep, youíre absent.

Any student eligible for and needing academic adjustments or accommodations because of a disability should speak with me during the first week of class. 

If you need to miss class for a religious holiday observance, please notify me in writing during the first two weeks of class.