Synthesis, Summary, Paraphrase, and Quotation

For this assignment, gather three sources you will use in your final paper. Sources may include those cited in previous assignments. The purpose of the synthesis paper is to blend different and similar ideas together into a reasoned argument. You will need to use APA documentation and in-text citations, as well as submit a References list. Remember, your purpose is to blend the three sources into a coherent whole that supports your argument and working thesis, not to talk about each source individually and separately. In this, use summarizing, paraphrasing, and quoting.

What to do:

bullet Read all the sources for a broad overview of the material.
bullet Determine (this info will NOT be written in the final of the assignment) the elements each source has in common with the other sources
bullet What do the sources have in common?
bullet How do the sources differ?
bullet How can you compare and contrast the ideas/facts presented in the sources?
bullet Decide what points of your own you want to get across to your readers.
bullet Locate in the sources information that you can use to develop each of your points.
bullet Draft your Synthesis Essay by making your thesis and argumentation the center of your writing effort. In order to give evidence for your argument, provide quotations, paraphrases, and summaries of relevant supporting information from your sources.


bullet 750 to 1250 words
bullet Double spaced, serif font, 12 point font
bullet APA format in References List
bullet Introduction included that sets forth
bullet your thesis,
bullet the body of your argument (a summary),
bullet and a conclusion that provides closure for the reader.


This is worth 5% of your final grade and will be graded for critical and original thought; proper use of paraphrase, summary, and quotation (keep quotation to a maximum of three quotes); documentation style; thoroughness; and language mechanics.