Audience and Purpose

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Comment on the prompts in the discussion board 

Analyze your audience for the argument/position paper:

     Answer the following questions in the discussion board about your audience:

1.     What is the median age group?

2.     What is the social class of your regular reader?

3.     How much income do these people make?

4.     Are they family people, single people, jet setters, stay-at-homers?



     There is no such thing as “the general public.” A general public would consist of everyone from little babies to illiterate people to centenarians to, well, just anybody. And NOT just anybody is interested in your topic.

     Decide WHO IS interested in your topic. Describe them carefully.


Determine your purpose:

     Answer these questions about your purpose:

1.     What do you want your audience to DO after reading your essay?

a.  For example, do you want them to change the world

b.  Or change their mind

c.  Or take a particular action?

Note: you don’t have to tell your readers what you want them to do, but you need to make it clear in your argument that there is something for them to do.