The Writing Process

The writing process can be broken down into three basic steps.

·       Invention

·       Arrangement

·       Style

This is a recursive process; not a linear one of inventing, reinventing, arranging, rearranging, etc....

Invention is the first step in creating the paper.

Arrangement is taking what you’ve created and refining the order, adding an introduction and conclusion.

Style is the final step: polishing, grammar checks and sentence editing



Shakespeare used this term to mean “imagination” or “creation.”

In the invention process you are creating your paper.

Few writers begin with a complete understanding of their subject.

Let your own writing lead you to greater understanding.

·        use writing to explore ideas

·        focus on one issue at a time

·        give ideas time to percolate

Invention techniques

·        Brainstorming

·        Freewriting

·        Clustering

·        Looping

·        Ask questions

·        Work collaboratively