Topic Ideas

For this class, you will be writing an argumentative article on a “publicly debated issue,” specifically geared toward a publication of your choice. You will send me an email discussing your ideas for a topic.

I will not be assigning you topics; you can pick your own, within reason. I will approve of your choice before you write your proposal. Here are a few guidelines to help you find your topic:

bullet The subject must be debatable. There must be AT LEAST two sides to the subject.
bullet It must be big enough to have sufficient support and disagreement printed about it, but small enough to be manageable.
bullet It should have an original, fresh “spin” to it, yet be appropriate for your chosen publication.

Most importantly, your topic should be about something you are PASSIONATE about! Here’s your chance to research and write about something that is important to you. 

To find a topic, look around you:

bullet Conversations or debates you’ve had in the past week with friends, parents, partners
bullet Political issues
bullet Local issues
bullet Controversies in the media
bullet Disagreement all around you
bullet Experiences that raised questions that you couldn’t answer
bullet Academic subjects that sparked questions in you
bullet Hobbies
bullet Reading
bullet Watching tv or movies

Here are some ideas from Dr. Dave

You MUST have your topic approved by me in order to proceed. There are certain topics I won’t accept.

Submit your topic idea to me in an informal email, with some discussion on why you are interested in it. I will email you back with my thoughts on your choice. This will not receive a grade, only an approval or denial and my comments.