Dream Flight



My mind I saddle between your great shoulders

High on this rocky crag--

above the green,

in the bitter wind,


Beneath me, your muscles tense,

contract tightly;

In one motion, your wings stretch,

and your feet launch us.

With my helpless gasp

we are airborne.

Beside me,

extending far to my vision's perimeter,

dark feathers glisten over massive framework.

With each beat

I feel lean muscles work,

like warm machinery.

Before me,

the white cap of your majestic head

tilts ever so slightly,

cruel cold eyes focusing sharply.

Frozen winds rushing over us,

with you I glide,

riding the air as if you,

great bird,

claimed ownership to it all.


We soar,

surveying the tiny insignificant

trees and boulders of the landscape below.

Valleys of rich green carpet

blurred wetly with the morning mist,

Meadows of yellow points and subtle purples.

Trees appear as tangles of dark green

gathered here and there--

And the river but a silvery ribbon . . .



stark and massive before me

is the rugged wall of the cliff,

growing larger, quickly,

until it fills my vision,

and fear fills my heart!

Sharply you veer,

jarring me.


I regain my hold.

And still we soar.


With a quickening of wing-beat,

a scream from your lungs,

Your head jerks down and we dive,

the wind cutting in its speed,

altitude dropping fast.


With a screech and a reverse wing-beat,

you throw out your knife-talons,

snatching your prey.

And we soar again--

now a warm meal dangling in your grasp.

High again,

nearing home;


circle twice;

glide to a landing.


You tear into your fresh kill.

And I return,


to my earth-bound body.


Traci Hales
December 1982